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The Active system is a 6-chamber profile system with the possibility of using three-pane packages. It allows obtaining excellent thermal and acoustic parameters of windows. Profiles based on ecological zinc-calcium stabilizers.


  • The 6-chamber profile system and the possibility of using three-pane packages allows for obtaining excellent thermal and acoustic parameters.
  • Profiles based on ecological calcium-zinc stabilizers.
  • Rounded shapes and the possibility of arrangement with straight or half-faced sashes give the windows a characteristic and modern stylization and the wide reinforcement chamber high stability.
  • The eight-millimeter overlap of the frame on the wing ensures proper sealing.
  • The 13 mm distance of the fitting notch axis provides optimal protection against burglary.
  • The heat transfer coefficient for the reference window is 0.95 W / m2 K (for glass Ug = 0.7 W / m2K).¬†(* Dimension of the reference window 1230mm x 1480mm.)
  • A wide range of veneered profiles provides the opportunity to create windows that match different styles.


Coloured cores
Profiles dyed in mass allow windows to maintain an aesthetic appearance in the event of mechanical damage that may occur during many years of window joinery operation.

We use proven, very good quality veneers, characterized by high chemical resistance, resistance to weather conditions and temperature changes.